Echo partner for the communication of the paracycling track Hour Record

Alessandro Carvani Minetti, para-athlete of the Italian national team, is planning a new sports enterprise: the paracycling track Hour record.
Echo, as communication partner, is fine-tuning the #alerecord project. For Alessandro, the story of his sports enterprise is cutting him out a role of public figure, is involving the public from the start of the season until its culmination, and is bringing his extraordinary sporting achievements to the attention of the national press.

Communicating a passion


Alessandro Carvani Minetti (Pavia, 1978) is an athlete of the Italian National paraduathlon team.
In 2003, a motorcycle accident caused him the severe disability of the upper limbs and made it practically impossible for him to use his arms. Always fond of sport, after rehabilitation he began practicing running, swimming and cycling.


Echo has experience and sensitivity for Sport (Pavia University, Riso Scotti Volley, Riccardo Poma) and also for disability issues: from the very beginning it has sponsored the Special Team Annabella ’87, the basketball team of kids with mental disabilities.


From the very first meeting, we became fascinated by his idea of ​​sports enterprise and decided to offer ourselves as partner. The Hour Record is an opportunity to recount disability through sport (human beings, their lifestyles, their emotions) and passion for sport through disability (the athlete, fatigue, surpassing non-limits).


The #alecorripernoi project is a multi-channel communication campaign aimed at creating a public figure with a strong symbolic value, on three levels.

The man: Ale, his history, his personality

Ale is independent: he works, lives alone, drives a car, faces his condition of disability with his determined and disenchanted character, and takes part in public meetings in schools.

The athlete: “dreams” never end #alecampione

Running, the triathlon and cycling, as a competitive athlete, beach volleyball and finally amateur skiing: Ale is an all-round sportsman. In 2015, he achieved the two most important goals of the season (but he calls them “dreams”): the Silver medal at the Paraduathlon European Championships and the Gold medal at the Paraduathlon World Championships.

The enterprise: the Hour Record #alerecord

The training sessions, preparation of the new bike, the trials on the Montichiari circuit and, finally, the event.

The actions

Press office

Local and national press office action, which began on the occasion of the World Championship victory in Adelaide, with the aim of ensuring the presence of Alexander in the media.
Write-ups of Alessandro’s achievements have appeared in: La Provincia Pavese, Il Giornale di Brescia, Brescia Oggi, Il Giornale, Il Giorno, La Stampa, Il Secolo XIX, the Gazzetta dello Sport and Il Sole 24 Ore. Sky TG Sport 24, Rai TgR Lombardy and Telepavia have talked about Alessandro in their newscasts.


The blog is the thread that binds all the tales in a single storyline: the man, the athlete, the enterprise. Ale runs it personally.
The website Tutto in sessanta minuti is instead dedicated to the enterprise.


The facebook page Alessandro Minetti Carvani has informed Ale’s fans for the entire duration of the project, from the months of preparation up to the taking of the record, with real-time updates. We have also created the Youtube channel to gather visual documentation of the competitions.
To identify the updates we have created three different hashtags: #alecorripernoi for the overall project, #alecampione for the World Championships, #alerecord for the enterprise.

Visual identity

During competitions Ale wears black to create an easily customizable background with the logos of the sponsors, with an iridescent band on the sleeve edges to mark the world title.
Invitations and posters take their cue from the stopwatch and Tutto in Sessanta Minuti.
Blue tones create a link with the national team and Pavia; the stopwatch enhances the competitive value of the enterprise.

The event

At the centre of the Montichiari Velodrome, we have set up a technical area to allow partners and supporters to share the excitement of the competition with us and a media corner to accommodate the journalists.
Conducting the event was Fabio Tavelli of Sky Sport, who oversaw the journalistic commentary and video services for Sky TG Sport 24. His voice was crucial for recounting Ale’s performance.

Sponsors and partners

Ale’s story contains many other stories: every aspect of the way he deals with his disability through sport adds a different angle from which to observe the enterprise and appreciate its meaning.
Sponsors and partners were first of all invited to cheer with us: #alecorripernoi was set up to make Ale’s experience an experience for us all.
An absolute centre role was played by Fineco, which shared Alessandro’s sports-technical project from the start and is the main financier of the Hour Record.
Tecnomax Two and CNA also supported the project with conviction right from the start and up to the evening of 28 November, when we all found ourselves cheering frenziedly .
Pavia University is a natural partner: the coach Paolo Marchetti centred his doctoral thesis on Ale’s achievement.
The Municipality of Pavia, which also supported the project, led by the Mayor and the Councillor for Sport, also cheered on Alessandro in Montichiari. Subsequently, Alessandro was also awarded the town’s “San Siro” certificate of merit.
An exceptional partner was Cicli Frugeri (which produces Ale’s bikes) and Raschiani Triathlon Pavese (Ale’s team, which, together with Echo, developed Ale’s outfit).
Finally, WTB Europe provided the saddles for Ale’s bikes and Le Fracce provided the wine for the well-deserved final toast.