Francesca Monza

Founding member and inexhaustible goad for us all, she has a natural flair for public relations that delights customers and oppresses colleagues who like to work in silence.
She loves travelling, museums and good food.
Her studies on the installations in museums of medicine and anthropology have made Echo a mummy-friendly agency.


Angiola Setti

Curious, creative and dreamy. A boundless passion for art, travel, writing and technology. She does not like to show off, which means selfies are out. She prefers studying and continuously updating. Angiola designs the online communication of our customers, creating and managing websites, social networks and all else that can be done on the web.


Paola Leati Argenziano

Paola is our “sociologist”: she understands people, places and situations at a glance.
Athletic and sporty, for her life is a game of tennis. In Echo, with British pragmatism, but with typically Mediterranean passion, she plans and organizes events, right down to the tiniest detail.


Armando Barone

He would like a patron to pay him to write what he pleases, when it pleases him. For now, he creates and manages contents for Echo. A passion for cooking and good wine has resulted in his becoming a copywriter able to capture the flavours of situations, narrating customers’ stories with relish. He finds himself surrounded with women but, apparently, this does not upset him too much.


Angela Gorla

Reliable and positive to the point of seeming truly angelic, our web designer conceals a diabolical determination to complete projects. A promise of the hard rock music scene, she chose the web “because it resembles mathematics: it’s hard going, but the end results bring heaps of satisfaction” She loves reading, going to the movies and being in company: in the office, in the rehearsal room, with friends - the important thing is being part of a team.


Valeria Degliantoni

For her work is something serious. Much more indulgent with others than with herself, she is moody to the right extent. She would like to work calmly and take her time, but has to adapt to the overall frenzy. She loves to joke and alternates her intellectual spirit with a decidedly pop vein.
Valeria is our events manager and does her job with precision and professionalism.


Gabriele Cinquetti

A quiet type, with a creative spirit and unexpected flashes of humour.
Gabriele lives on history and stories, which he reads, writes, listens to and draws, and in which he identifies himself.
His world ranges from Tolkien to Conan Doyle, from video games to fantasy films, soundtracks and Frank Sinatra.
In Echo, he creates the customers’ online stories, with patience, imagination and passion.


Manuela Ronconi

Manuela is the youngest member of the team. She wanted to work in a bank, but instead ended up in Echo. She is a sporty person with a green spirit and is crazy about recycled craft items. Surprisingly, she likes administration and because of this immediately won our respect. Calmly, kindly and always with a smile, she stores and keeps accounts, chases any undisciplined colleagues and does not seem to feel the strain of keeping up with all our antics.

Competitive, cooperative. Creative.

Echo is an integrated communications company providing services to companies, professional firms, organizations and institutions.
Our job is to create and manage advertising campaigns, look after images and public relations, organize events, and design web and social communication.
We provide our customers with a one-stop counter for all their business communications. And with all our desire to grow with them.

Ours is a great story, with an all-female beginning.
Echo was founded in 2001 by a group of young entrepreneurs with a common passion for fine and effective communication. Over the years it has grown, diversifying services and acquiring new professionals. Today it is a solid, comprehensive and efficient communications agency.

From the very start, we opted for the cooperative business form because we believe that the best achievements stem from involvement and sharing, and the results are proving us right.